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NASA Selects SPHEREx Mission:

Cosmology science team members on this mission, professors Phil Mauskopf and Rogier Windhorst. 

Learn more about this mission and the role ASU will play in the full article click below:




ASU Cosmology: ASU team supports first-ever detection of light from a gravitational-wave source | Dr. Nat Butler October 2017


Synopsis: Making Monopoles with Waves | Tanmay Vachaspati
Magnetic monopoles—theorized particles,created by wave-wave collisions.


Richard Lebed nominated APS Fellow
For his contributions to the understanding of the properties of hadrons and, in particular, for the application of techniques of large N QCD to the physics of hadrons.


Strange Signal from Space May Solve One of Sciences Greatest Mysteries
Prof.Tanmay Vachaspati "Matter vs. antimatter" A signal in the Fermi gamma-ray data suggests an overwhelming production of matter, but not antimatter, in the early universe.


Holy Hubble | Hubble unveils its most colorful view of the universe
Prof. Rogier Windhorst and ASU Cosmology speak about the latest views of our universe.


$100m to scan for alien life 

Prof. Paul Davies:"This is the big unknown in this entire quest."