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Friday Seminar

The Cosmology Lunch Seminar are scheduled on Fridays from 12:00pm-1:00pm.

Barry Goldwater Building, 5th floor, Conference Room 505

Date SpeakerInstitutionTitle Abstract
2/1/2019Joseph LesnefskyASUGeodesic completenessUnderstanding the geometric constraints required for geodesic completeness
2/8/2019Victoria MartinASU Connecting quasinormal modes and heat kernels We connect two different approaches for calculating functional determinants on quotients of hyperbolic spacetime: the heat kernel method and the quasinormal mode method. For the example of a rotating BTZ background, we show how the image sum in the heat kernel method builds up the logarithms in the quasinormal mode method, while the thermal sum in the quasinormal mode method builds up the integrand of the heat kernel. More formally, we demonstrate how the heat kernel and quasinormal mode methods are linked via the Selberg zeta function. We show that a 1-loop partition function computed using the heat kernel method may be cast as a Selberg zeta function whose zeros encode quasinormal modes. We discuss how our work may be used to predict quasinormal modes on more complicated spacetimes
2/15/2019Southwest Strings MeetingASU Website: https://southweststringsme.wixsite.com/2019
2/22/2019Andy SveskoASUTBD
3/1/2019Ayush SaurabhASUTBD
3/16/2019Logan ThomasASUTBD
3/22/2019Jonathan LunineCornellIs Life Ubiquitous in the Cosmos?
3/29/2019Jayden NewsteadASUTBD
4/5/2019Zidu LinASUTBD
4/12/2019Jesse GironASUTBD
4/19/2019Tucker MantonASUTBD
4/26/2019Eric PerlmutterCal TechTBD
5/3/2019George ZatnikatelSGCTBD